Flowmo Showreel 2020 | ice'd flow

Flowmo Showreel 2020 | ice'd flow

Flowmo Showreel 2020 | ice'd flow

Flowmo Showreel | A Flight in Time

Flowmo Showreel | Of Rallies and Roads



"Diverse Directions"

With over a decade of collective experience across the country, the core team has developed a wide set of skills that deliver end to end solutions. 











‘We at Flowmo firmly believe that cars and bikes deserve to be photographed in the environment they were built for. Polished shoots in studios have their place, but we explore the places that tug at the heartstrings of your customers. We understand the challenges of automobile photography, and we combine them with live-action shots true to the car’s nature and attitude. Combined with top-notch non-intrusive retouching, we make sure your car looks nothing less than natural and true, something your content-hungry audience craves today.’


MAY 2017 

Two friends, two baggers, long sweeping mountain roads. Full Tank is our concept for a television pilot. We made a short film over a weekend with Meraj Shah and George Koshy riding Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles in the hills of Uttarakhand.


Producers & Hosts : Meraj Shah & George Koshy

Special Thanks : Pratish Ram & Steve Lall

Crew: Rounak Modha | Anshuman Arya | Kirandeep Kaur | Ashish Pawar


JULY 2017

A self drive expedition company, Terraquest hired us to document their journey through Spiti. We produced a short film, promos, and high-quality photographs, highlighting the experiences of the participants.

Spiti is part of Himachal Pradesh’s largest and least populated district, marking its contact with the great trans Himalayan region. And its with good reason this region lacks human population, literally everything related to human survival is a challenge. 

From the lack of road connectivity or quality thereof to straight-up lack of oxygen in the higher regions, it's perhaps the best and the worst way for one to try their mettle at driving through challenging terrain. 

Terraquest Expeditions, of course, makes all of this a breeze. We shot and produced this video during one of their many expeditions to his blessed region. And then we never stopped going back for some more!



In association with Sports Illustrated India, we followed the Dakshin Dare rally, one of the toughest motorsport rallies in India, from start to finish, producing and publishing content for them on a daily basis. we also shot photographs for their print edition.

Over the years Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare has been transformed into a formidable multi-stage, multi-state rally where car manufacturers and their drivers get to flex their muscles and expertise on unforgiving weather and road conditions. 

Starting from Bengaluru and continuing all the way through to Pune, through some of the most beautiful parts of South and West India, we spent more than a week covering this landmark event. We emerged with a newfound respect for this mad sport, the machines, and their tenacious drivers.



‘Under the shadow of mainstream sports, adventure sports are taking form, slowly but surely. Today’s information-hungry audience wants more and wants it now. Adventure sports have almost become like a counter-culture movement in India, and we at Flowmo are at the helm of it. Flowmo’s pursuit of featuring adventure sports has led us deep into unexplored parts of rural India, where beauty is unfiltered, raw, and pure. If stunning, heart-stopping visuals that keep your audiences enthralled and asking for more, look no further.’



In association with Himachal Tourism, Times of India, Coleman, Red Bull, Incredible India. and DD Sports, we shot all the stages of the Hero MTB Himalaya, a cycling race across the state of Himachal Pradesh. We produced a series of films for them along with daily video edits for the web.

The MTB Himalaya is arguably India’s toughest multi-stage race out there. 650 odd kilometers spread over 8 stages with very harsh and diverse terrain has made it a favorite among veterans of the sport. Rural Himachal Pradesh provides the perfect setting for the 13th edition of this race with eye-watering views and back-breaking stages. Tough technical downhills, long enduro sections, and lots of uphills, what more can anyone ask for?!



We produced a six-part series called 'Olympeaks', stories from across India for the 2018 winter Olympic at South Korea. Shot over a period of 10 days in Delhi, Solang, Gulmarg, and Leh. The films were aired on the Olympic Channel and NBC as “OLYMPEAKS | STORIES FROM INDIA”



We produced a series of short films and the after movie for the award-winning bouldering festival. We also shot brand content for their partners - Tata Motors, Tokyo Powder, Nourish Organics, and Gipfel in the beautiful land of Ladakh. 

We stumbled into the subtle magnanimity of Suru Fest the same way we stumbled into the climbing scene in Delhi, with one friend connecting us to another. Looking back now, the evenings of swatting bloodthirsty mosquitoes at the artificial walls of IMF weren't so far away from where we were, standing in the middle of Suru Valley in Ladakh. 

A land so far removed from the rest of the country we’ve known and seen, it might as well have been on another planet. Suru Fest brought together some of the country’s finest and strongest climbers and flung them into boulder fields that extended into another kingdom with climbers from all over the world. 

The results were predictable of course, 15 days of problem-solving, collaborating, trekking, laughing, and lying underneath a bowl of stars. We came back with a bagful of content and an urgent need to recreate memories from this distant land. 

Climbing today stands to create a storm in the world of alternate sports in India, safe to say we’re right in the middle of it!


JUNE 2019

One of India's premier climbing gyms, Boulder Box is using our services to produce cinematic storytelling concept videos along with covering most of their events and training sessions. This content is adding value to their various social media platforms.



“We at Flowmo understand a hotelier’s point of view in choosing the right locations for their properties. The hotel is an extension of the place it was built in, and the experience of a memorable stay is incomplete without understanding its geographical significance. In our years of travel and working across the country, we’ve developed a deep respect for the land we walk on, and the places we stay at. We understand cultures, we connect with the locals, we know how to seek out places that aren’t part of everyone’s itinerary. We have a holistic understanding of architecture, both commercial and vernacular, and have been working closely with the hospitality industry for some years now. We are quick to assimilate and realize the kind of visual treatment hotels and their spaces need. Tourism is not all about hotels, nor is it only about the places, the point between the two is where we come in.’


APRIL 2018

One of Eastern India's largest luxury hotel chains, we produced brand and experience films for their newly opened property in Kalimpong, West Bengal. We also shot photographs (including 360 + Aerials) of the whole property.



We produced two 24 minute long documentaries for the Forest & Wildlife Department, Government of Sikkim. In a month-long shoot schedule, we covered Khangchendzonga National Park and Sikkim's 11 Eco-Tourism Zone, showcasing the wildlife, landscapes, and the people of the state.

This project cannot be put up online due to copyright and it not being public yet, but get in touch and we can share it with you for your viewing.



Somebody Once Told Me is a pilot concept by our friend Puneet Sikka, exploring Shillong and her musical persona through a 3-day self-funded journey to document this vivid musical soirée.

In part 1, our host and producer, Puneet Sikka, walks around Shillong where she finds herself in a Heritage Castle, meets Shillong's most recent global music heroes, and is mesmerized by the ballad of a Khasi singer-songwriter.

In part 2, our host and producer, Puneet Sikka, meets with a legend - both politically and musically - over homely cups of red tea. Later she explores the Hip-Hop scene of Shillong with some homegrown talent, ending amidst a dedicated group of local Blues enthusiasts and musicians, under the wings of none other than Blues legends - Soulmate.